planning Ahead

Pre-Planning Your Funeral
You may wish to consider pre-planning your own funeral arrangements. We have been told by those who have done so that is has made it easier for those you will leave behind. It also provides the certainty that your services will be exactly as you like. Our experience has shown advanced planning may make it easier for everyone involved, and can be the ceremony you want to have. Further, it allows for leisurely decision-making; you can browse, select and even change your mind .We know that the death of a loved one is a sad, stressful time. The task of planning a funeral for a loved one can be overwhelming, especially considering the financial obligation one needs to make, Pre-planning can ease much of this stress as decisions and choices have already been made.

We will provide you with as much guidance as you need. You can choose every detail at your leisure; choose ceremony location, disposition method, casket or urn, burial plot, and many more selections. Moreover, pre-planning reduces financial stress. You may also, according to contractual agreement, elect to make payment for services in installments with no interest charges. For many this option is a great relief, and peace of mind.

Why Pre-Plan Your Funeral:

  • All payments made towards your pre-planned services are put into a trust account, and cannot be used until your passing occurs, which therefore protects you
  • Your money can be withdrawn at any time and transferred to another funeral home, of your choice

Guaranteed Assurance Travel Plan
Traveling has become second nature to most of us and we tend to forget that when we’re away from home anything can happen.

Our one-time membership fee of $359.00 will return your remains back home, as long as you are 100 miles away from your legal residence. Backed by American Pre-Arrangement Services, Inc.

Travel Insurance Offers:

  • worldwide coverage
  • Arranging for preparation of the deceased for transport
  • Close involvement with your selected, licensed receiving funeral home
  • Arranging for the transportation to return the deceased to the selected licensed funeral home
  • All documents including customs documents or diplomatic issues involved anywhere in the world

Anyone can purchase this product, no pre-arrangement needs to be in place to purchase.