In 1993 a friend of Barbara Falowski "planted a seed" in her mind that she was perfectly suited to be a funeral director. Knowing very little of funeral service she began working as an attendant for a large family owned funeral home and enrolled as a student in funeral service education at Miami Dade College. In her early days, she deeply felt the grief in the families she observed. She said to a funeral director "when do I stop feeling this way?", and he replied "when you stop feeling this way, you need to stop being a funeral director". After graduating from school, she began her internship in a corporate funeral home, and was dismayed by pressure to up-sell more than what a family might need. She knew she cared about families and wanted to help them plan a service which was memorable, but within their means. Another seed was planted; it was time for her to open her own funeral home. In 1998, Barbara Falowski Funeral & Cremation became a reality. Since then our funeral home has served thousands of families, and helped them plan a service suited to them, within their means, and help begin the healing process.

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